An Interactive Virtual Host - a virtual 3D avatar

An Interactive Virtual Host

A virtual 3D avatar that interacted with the audience in real-time at a special celebrity event

Publicum Events is Lithuania’s leading events organizer, which is trusted by well-known brands and companies. In 2016, they needed to create an event for the 15th anniversary of the celebrity magazine Žmonės (Eng. People). It was a special occasion and Publicum Events wanted to create something exceptional and with a surprise inside. The host – a beautiful virtual girl avatar – and a male actor who, as it turned out, was actually the one giving a live performance behind her, were a combo that definitely achieved the wow factor.

Publicum Events cooperated with Indeform to get this done and delivered on time and on budget. We designed a 3D virtual staging environment. We modeled, rigged and created small motoric animations for the beautiful 3D girl avatar, which was then attached for full body animation (real-time motion animation) with six high-speed motion capture (MOCAP) cameras. We used our custom-developed versatile Linux multimedia system that is powered by OpenGL and GLSL to run real-time motion controlled 3D host avatar and dynamically combine it with video stream background to create celebrity talk show-like atmosphere and environment.

According to the press reviews, it was another highly successful event by Publicum Events, and we are happy to know that our expertise and technology took this show to a new impressive and spectacular level.