Interactive 3d Web - Kaunas Castle Siege 1362

An Interactive Kaunas Castle Siege, 1362

An engaging Kaunas Castle siege online experience for interactive 3D Web and mobile

In the times of virtual technologies, Kaunas City Museum was actively looking for an innovative online experience and easy-to-share ways for portraying the history of Kaunas and the important moment of the first fortified Lithuanian castle – Kaunas Castle – being under siege. They partnered with Indeform to create an interactive Web-based 3D representation of the siege, aiming to engage students and tourists by telling this historical story on the Web browsers or mobile devices. From the very start, we worked on developing this project with strong passion and interest. With the help of historians, archaeologists and specialists of the Medieval warfare, we reconstructed a story line of the siege battles and created screenboards. Next followed all the artwork and designs of the Medieval castle, soldiers and siege weapons. We created a low poly 3D model of the castle and villages around. Working with the specialists of the Medieval warfare, we reconstructed the soldiers and siege weapons as well. All models had to be optimized to run on our in-house developed 3D WebGL engine. Later, as 3D content and assets were ready to go, we animated and programmed all the interactive parts of this virtual exhibit. We also optimized it to run on Web browsers and mobile tablets so the representation could be used as an interactive demonstration on tablets in the museum expositions.

The interactive Kaunas Castle siege 3D Web presentation developed for Kaunas City Museum is a great and successful example of sharing, introducing and educating students and tourists about the important moments of the Lithuanian history. It helps people learn virtually and participate in historical moments by making them active participants of such events. We are very happy and proud of our cooperation with Kaunas and Kaunas City Museum. By bringing Virtual and Interactive Technologies together, we are helping to share great historical moments of our city and our country.