Interactive 3D Web - Muscle Beach, Venice, California

Muscle Beach in Venice, California

A world-famous gym area needed an interactive 3D online experience to be delivered

Muscle Beach has its roots in an exclusive Santa Monica location, the birthplace of the physical fitness boom in the US during the 20th century, which started in 1934, with predominantly gymnastics activities on the south side of the Santa Monica Pier. Muscle Beach Venice was officially given its current name in 1987 by the City of Los Angeles. The distinguishing proper name, Venice, was added to honor the original Santa Monica site. The contemporary Muscle Beach Venice is located two blocks north of Venice Boulevard on Ocean Front Walk in Venice, California, USA.

Muscle Beach is the most famous US gym area that has great history and a lot of famous names associated with it. In 2014, they were looking for an innovative and shareable way to introduce the entire new vision of the reconstructed Muscle Beach Venice gym area. They partnered with Indeform to build an immersive interactive 3D online experience which could be shared with the press, followers and visitors on the Web and mobile devices.

We were tight on time and eager to start, so we dove into working on it immediately. In spite of having only some photo references and a rough sketch plan of the area, our 3D artists recreated 3D models of the gym machines and the old area itself so the virtual presentation could introduce the current (previous) state of the gym. Next, they actively cooperated with the client to create the new Muscle Beach – with the new reconstructed gym and all the new shiny gym machines. As 3D and texturing work was done and ready, all 3D assets and textures were moved to our new custom-made 3D WebGL engine. Developers made sure that all the programming, interactivity and optimization tasks were done and ready on time and on budget.

Muscle Beach Venice is a great place for all, starting from fitness enthusiasts, finishing with experienced professional bodybuilders. We are extremely happy that we were trusted with designing and delivering a new interactive vision and exclusive online experience of this nice historical place in sunny California.